Frequently Asked Questions

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Who can get a Limited Licence?

The good news is most people are eligible to apply for a limited licence. If you need to be able to drive for your employment, drive to work, do not live near any public transport or are required to transport job equipment (e.g. tools) there is a great chance that your limited licence will be granted. 

Once you have filled in our application form we will be able to confirm if you are eligible to apply for a limited licence. And don't worry; if you are not eligible to apply for a limited licence then you don't pay a thing. 

What makes me ineligible to apply for a limited licence?

You will unfortunately not be able to apply for a limited licence if you meet any of the following criteria:

  • You have been disqualified from driving for an indefinite period under section 65 of the Land Transport Act (i.e. not a set period e.g. 6 or 12 months);

  • You are currently disqualified as a result of being convicted for driving while disqualified;

  • You are currently disqualified because you were convicted of driving outside the terms of a Limited Licence;

  • You are wanting a limited licence to drive a passenger transport vehicle (e.g. bus or taxi);

  • You have committed a serious driving offence within 5 years;

  • You are disqualified from driving on an international licence. 

  • You are currently in the Alcohol Interlock program, or you have ever been in the alcohol interlock program. For more information on this program click here

PLEASE NOTE: if you have been given a 30 days on-the-spot suspension you can not apply for a limited licence for these 30 days. You will be able to apply if you are subsequently disqualified from driving in court.  

Not sure if this is you? Contact us for a FREE no-obligation discussion and we can help you determine whether you are eligible to apply for a limited licence. 

What Conditions can I get a Limited Licence for?

There are many conditions for which you can apply for a limited licence. The main ones are to:

  • Drive to and from work for the purpose of employment

  • Preform necessary driving-related work duties (e.g. courier, Mobile plumber, sales representative)

  • Drive children to and from school.

  • Transport a family member to required medical appointments when there is no one else who can do so. 

When preparing your limited licence documents Limited Licence Help will customise your Limited Licence application documents to fit the conditions for which you are needing a Limited Licence. Be sure to include detailed information regarding what you need to drive for in your application form. 

How soon after being disqualified can I apply for a Limited Licence?

If your offence has a mandatory sentence of fewer than six months suspension (e.g. careless use of a motor vehicle or excess demerit points resulting in licence suspension) the court can look at your application as soon as you apply. 

If your offence has a mandatory sentence of at least 6 months suspension from driving (e.g. excess breath alcohol)  then there will be a period of 28 days from the time you were disqualified from driving, and when the court will hear your application for a Limited Licence; this is called the "Stand Down" period. We can still get your Limited Licence application completed and you can still submit it to the courts however the courts will not hear your application until after the stand-down period. 

Regardless of whether or not you are subject to the stand-down period we recommend getting the process started as soon as possible. This will ensure that as soon as you are eligible for the courts to hear your application you can complete the Limited Licence process and get driving again. 

What do you need to show to the court to get a Limited Licence?


In order to grant you a Limited Licence the court will need to be satisfied that you are eligible to apply for a limited licence (i.e. you are not excluded from applying for a Limited Licence), that you will either suffer extreme hardship, or that someone else will suffer undue hardship as a result of your disqualification, and that public safety will not be put at risk should you be granted a limited licence. 

If the court grants me a limited Licence am I able to drive as normal again?

The short answer is No. If you are granted a limited licence it will state the circumstances for which you are permitted to drive (e.g. to and from work, or to transport a family member to important medical appointments, etc.). The Limited Licence will also specify the times and locations in which you are permitted to drive.  ​You will not be permitted to drive outside these conditions unless there is an emergency and if you do it will likely result in you losing your limited licence and not being able to apply for a new one.  

If I drive on a suspended licence will my insurance still cover me?

Your insurance provider will not cover you when you are driving on a suspended licence. Most insurance providers will still cover you when driving on a limited licence (if you adhere to the limited licence conditions) however we strongly recommend checking with your insurance provider to make sure you will be covered. 

How does the Process through you guys work?​

Licence Solution. Your options for getting a limited licence used to be; pay a consultant or lawyer expensive fees (often up to $2000), or attempt to apply yourself using complicated online templates which miss many important aspects of the application. 


Limited Licence Help developed our user-friendly templates to be extremely detailed yet easy to use. We have done all the hard work; you just need to enter your information. Our templates are tailored to your specific situations, with situation-specific provisions and examples. Our templates come with our detailed and easy-to-follow process and information documents as well as our handy Limited Licence checklist.

Our online chat function is available from 9am to 10pm to answer questions about which template is right for you, and to help with any questions as you edit your templates. 


But what if I want to have a consultant check my documents? We can help you there too! We offer a "check and edit" service which enables you to send your documents straight to our expert NZ-based limited licence consultants to review, edit, and send back to you. This enables you to get high quality limited licence documents, reviewed and edited by an expert for significantly less than what you would pay other consultants or lawyers. 

What if I don't want to represent myself in court?


We understand that for some the thought of representing themselves in court can be daunting. The option of hiring a lawyer to represent you is always there; however, will likely be costly.


The important thing to remember is Limited licence hearings are very frequently completed by individuals without representation. You are not expected to know legal jargon and you are often the best person to be able to communicate to a judge why you need the limited licence to retain your employment or perform vital family duties. 

The judge will not ask you any questions that only a lawyer could answer. Judges understand that you will likely have a very limited understanding of the law and will ask questions that you will be able to answer, in a way you will be able to answer.