Personal and Family Financial Hardship

Personal and Family Financial Hardship

This is the right template for you if:

  • You need to be able to drive to work (whether that be to and from work, or as part of your job
  • You will experience extreme hardship if you are unable to work and therefore lose that source of income. 
  • You have a financially dependent family member (e.g. spouse) that also relies on your income.
  • You are not seeking a limited licence for any other reason (e.g. transporting a family member to medical appointments)


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This template comes with all the documents you need to complete a successful limited licence application as well as our in-depth information document, our Limited Licence process document and our game-changing Limited Licence checklist! 


Following our process means you can walk into your limited licence hearing feeling confident that you will most likely be granted your limited licence! 


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    Please note you will need access to a device with Microsoft word to edit these documents. Please make sure you read all the instructions on the front page of each document carefully to ensure you understand how to best complete your documents with ease and without any issues. 

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