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Limited Licence Help provides New Zealand's most affordable Limited Licence Solution. Your options for getting a limited licence used to be; pay a consultant or lawyer expensive fees (often up to $2000), or attempt to apply yourself using complicated online templates which miss many important aspects of the application. 


Limited Licence Help developed our user-friendly templates to be extremely detailed yet easy to use. We have done all the hard work; you just need to enter your information. Our templates are tailored to your specific situations, with situation-specific provisions and examples. Our templates come with our detailed and easy-to-follow process and information documents as well as our handy Limited Licence checklist.

Our online chat function is available from 9am to 10pm to answer questions about which template is right for you, and to help with any questions as you edit your templates. 


But what if I want to have a consultant check my documents? We can help you there too! We offer a "check and edit" service for only $99.00 which enables you to send your documents straight to our expert NZ-based limited licence consultants to review, edit, and send back to you. This enables you to get high quality limited licence documents, reviewed and edited by an expert for significantly less than what you would pay other consultants or lawyers

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99% Sucess Rate

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Why choose Limited Licence Help?

No Waiting! Get your templates instantly and start entering your details straight away. You can have your documents ready in as little as an hour!

No waiting for consultants or lawyers. Using our check and edit service? Send your documents to us by 7pm and they will be with by by 9am the next day!


The cheapest Limited Licence solution in New Zealand.  We also offer Afterpay and Laybuy to further reduce any financial stress. 

Want your documents checked by our NZ Based experts? Our templates coupled with our check and edit service is still significantly cheaper than any other consultant/lawyer.


Our templates are easy to use and understand. All you need is a computer with Microsoft Word.


Our templates clearly indicate where you add your personal information and include examples throughout the document to make editing your templates a breeze! You do not need any legal knowledge at all! We have done all the hard 



At Limited Licence Help we understand that being disqualified from driving can be extremely stressful; especially when you are required to drive for your employment or family obligations.  We are here to take that stress away without the added burden of expensive consultant or lawyer fees. 

Limited Licence Help developed these templates after many complaints from customers regarding the huge expenses that come with using a consultant or lawyer, and the difficulty of using online templates that are complicated and hard to understand. 

To reduce the financial burden of applying for a Limited Licence we offer a range of alternative payment solutions including Afterpay, and Laybuy as well as our standard PayPal and bank deposit options.

We wanted to make sure that our customers could buy with confidence knowing that if, after editing their documents, they wanted them reviewed by a limited licence expert, they can do that! That's why we developed our "check and edit" service.




We are located in Auckland but work with clients New Zealand Wide. 


You can also reach us through our chat function. The chat function is monitored from 8:30am - 10pm, 7 Days a week.

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